Pupil Bursaries

It is our aim that Wycombe Abbey provides a physical, social and cultural environment responsive to the dynamic times in which our pupils live. Our aim is to provide a world class education for all our pupils, not only academically, but also in the development of skills of communication, creativity, emotional intelligence, teamwork and leadership, which are so important in 21st century life.

Every girl is empowered to make the most of her own personal abilities, no matter her family’s financial circumstances, in preparation for the exciting opportunities that her future holds. The Wycombe Abbey Bursary Fund allows us to offer talented young women the opportunity to thrive at the School.

The School currently commits c.£1m per year to funding pupil bursaries. Overall, the School has seen an increase of 30% in bursary applications over the past three years. This increase reinforces the need for bursarial support at Wycombe Abbey.

Beginning in Autumn Term 2021, we began collaborating with a wide range of local primary schools through a partnerships programme. This includes regular visits, networking events and activities for prospective pupils and parents. We look at ways to promote our bursary provision through partner schools in the maintained sector. We envisage relationships being at the heart of a successful bursary provision and we look forward to building these with key stakeholders.

For more information about supporting this area, please contact the Development Office at [email protected]

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"We believe it is so important to make Wycombe Abbey accessible to the largest number of people as possible, regardless of their background. Hence, we are keen to get involved in projects surrounding bursary development. We hope bringing attention to this matter will help bursaries support the greatest number of pupils at School in a sensitive, effective manner."
- Head Girl Team